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Crisis on Caladan

A modified Amber DRP Throne War set in Frank Herbert's Dune


The Setting: House Atreides has left its home on Caladan to take up the governorship of Arrakis. In doing so, it has left a number of local Houses Minor in disarray, their leaders and some of their best personnel and resources taken along to secure the Desert Planet. The Imperial Judge of the Change is arriving to oversee the rebuilding, and to determine who shall rule this important agricultural and wine-producing planet in the end.


The Players: 6-12 people representing the remaining nobles of the Caladanian Houses Minor. An auction will be conducted to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of, as well as the special abilities available to, each player and the portion of their Houses that they control. Players may choose to be from the same House, different Houses, or even form "cabals" between houses (if they can choose a leader). See a few Sample Houses.



The Rules: "We got RULES around here!"


There will be two auctions: one public, one secret. Afterwards, there will be a chance to buy up rankings secretly, and to purchase additional options, like Imperial Favor.


Each player will start with 100 points to use in the auctions and build their House strengths. As with regular ADRP games, a player can choose to spend more or less points than they have available, with the difference showing up as Good or Bad Stuff. In addition to regular "Stuff", players will also be able to buy up (or sell down) their Imperial Favor.


Yet to Come: More on the rules, descriptions of powers and resources.



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