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Crisis on Caladan



The Public Auction will consist of:





  • Psyche: The attribute that fuels Mentat and Bene Gesserit skills, this is also the measure of the quality and reach of your House Intelligence and Counter Intelligence.  As such it controls what information you can uncover about other House's activities, and what they can learn about you.  Can be boosted by use of a properly trained Mentat Advisor, who can sift through seemingly worthless data to make projections for the future.



  • Strength: Not only physical prowess, but a measure of the size and worth of the House troops you control.


  • Endurance: All of your House Resources that are not strictly economic (such as food and supplies to withstand a siege or blockade), as well as your physical resistance to things such as poison... 'Nuff said.


  • Warfare: The province of the Swordmasters of the Ginaz and the Master Assassins.  Also a modifier on the quality of House Intel, due to strategic placement and interpretation.   A Mentat Assassin can be used to boost this as well.


  • Economics: A measure of the relative wealth your House controls.



  • Shield Stockpile: Most shields were taken with the Atreides. The winner of this option has the only remaining shield manufacturing plant, and its supply of shields.


  • Spacing Guild Contract: The only game in town when it comes to interstellar travel and transport is the Spacing Guild. The winner inherits the only non-Atreides contract, allowing for import/export of goods, as well as access to the weather control system high above Caladan.


  • Heir to Atreides Legacy: Winner is the most important of the former Atreides politicos left, and as such is well known as popular with the populace (if not the nobility). This player inherits command of the skeleton of agents left by the Atreides, but also may be called upon to act on orders from higher in the Atreides chain offworld.











The Secret Auction will consist of:





  • Lasguns: Illegal on Caladan, due to traditional reliance on Shields. The winner of this item acquires a stockpile of these weapons. Extremely useful against unshielded opponents, disastrously so against shields. Any use resulting in a shield/lasgun antimatter explosion is equivalent to a forfiture of 10 points of stuff, if discovered.



  • Harkonnen Allegiance: The winner of this option is the highest ranking Harkonnen ally on Caladan after the Atreides exodus, and has access to the existing network of spies and sabateurs and their resources that have been left behind. Of course, sabotage, (if discovered) outside of an existing, recognized state of kanly, could adversely affect Imperial Favor.


    Once Harkonnen Allegiance is won, the winner will decide if there may be "lesser" Harkonnen allegiances among the other bidders for this option (if any). If so, then the other bidders will choose whether they wish to accept the "lesser allegiance" option. Lesser allegiance bidders accepting the option will know who the winning bidder is, but not each other; and the winner will know each of them.


  • Prana-Bindu: The Weirding Way: Winner of this option has been trained in the Bene Gesserit style of mind-body coordination/fighting. This allows them to overcome their limitations and substitute one of their physical attributes for another during a contest.


  • Hunter-Seekers: Winner gets a supply of the illegal remote assassination weapons without ties to outside concerns such as the Harkonnens or the Guild.



After Auction Purchases:



Bene Gesserit with Voice 30pts
Bene Gesserit with Truth Saying 60pts
Mentat 25pts
Mentat Assassin 65pts
Suk Physician 10pts
Face Dancer 20pts
Others? Ask






Imperial Favor


Imperial Favor is a measure of the respect of and connection to the Imperial Family that your character and House enjoy. For purposes of this game, Imperial Favor will be limited to a range of ± 10 points, with a starting value of 0. The Imperial Family is represented in this "Throne War" by Caladan's new Siridar Governor/Judge of the Change, Count Hasimir Fering, and the Imperial troops and resources he brings with him to Castle Caladan.

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