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As Above, So London Below


More information on the rules will be available soon. For now, here's the basic character creation info.


Character Creation:


Start with 100pts to distribute over Attributes, Special Abilities and the like.



Base Attributes (Simplified from the Enchanter game, from those who have seen those rules):


  • Body - Physical Stat - Equals your base Health

  • Mind - Mental Stat - Base Rationality (Your 'Mental Health')

  • Essence - 'Soul' Stat - Starting Luck, Base Resolve


Special Attributes:



  • Knacks: Special Abilities with no set point values Want to do it better/faster/longer, then spend more points. This covers not only the preternatural abilities such as Opener, Animal Speaker, In-Betweener and Magic, but could also be spent for a special skill that is greater than your Base attribute. In other words, a skill knack allows you to add more points in a specialized body/mind/essence use. For that use you are at Base Attribute + Knack points in determining success. You may also just 'bank' a number of points in unspecified knacks, and specify them during play as needed, at a minimum cost of 15 pts per knack. Once called, they are paid for at the level you use, minus 5 points.


  • Favors: As GM, I will work your levels of favors into the game as appropriate. The more you have, the more you can expect to be able to call on. You can have negative favors, but then others will be calling on you! This also lets players add their own ideas to the story/plot. You can state you are 'calling in' a favor, state who or what you are invoking, and assuming the GM OKs it, you get your request in character, at the cost of a permanent reduction in your rating. May increase through roleplay as well.


  • Stuff: Gadgets, doohickys, MacGuffins as well as REALLY useful normal stuff (guns are ~100pts).


  • Fealty/Background: No point costs here, but if you are familiar with the setting, you can choose a background among one of the DownBelow factions (Earl's Court, Ratspeakers, Sewer Folk, etc. Requires GM oversight). Not required of you, but GM's approval required.


To see some examples, see the stats for the characters from the two playtests.


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