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on February 15, 2006 at 4:50:41 pm

Raw notes from the LARP. Hopefully I'll writeup how it actually ran one day....


"Which number are you, then?"


Premise: Brand set up a Trump Space Hideaway before instigating the Patternfall Wars. It is like a Shadow Pocket, and consist of an island surrounded by an endless sea. On the island is a small mountain, on which lies a small version of Castle Amber. Below the Castle lies a smaller version of Amber City, laid out more like a... Village. No ships ever come and no one ever leaves. People just show up in the Castle, and the inhabitants of Amber Village see to it they learn their way around, and have enough to eat, and so on. The Villagers always seem cheerful, and always seem to have what is asked for, except for answers. "That's the way it's always been," "Good Day," and "Be seeing you" with the OK sign over the eye. The Village is run by #2, from the Village Center Hall, but he can only be visited by appointment, which is never reached, and there seem to be no doors to the Hall.


Anyone trying to leave the Island, or even the vicinity fo the Village and Castle, will be chased by rolling 6-foot-tall rolled-up blank playing cards (cut out from a roll of white butcher paper, if we can find some). A card will pursue until the escapee is run over and gets "caught" in the card, which then Trumps to the Castle Library, to take its place among the portraits on the wall. The trapped individual gradually loses mobility withing the card, and is forced to strike his Trump pose, until it becomes just a portrait. Until then it can be Trumped and the person pulled out. We will do this early on in the game to one of the ringers (any volunteers?) to show the penalties for trying to escape. The backing on the card is a phoenix.



City Hall has all the Trump materials -- monitors see what people need, and the artists create it for them. Mechanized but not AI -- who'd be stupid enough to create an AI which can draw Trump?


-Trump Machines in the City Hall are run by an endless number of monkeys.


-The Village is a Trump Space "Shadow Pocket". Created by Brand as a Prison/safe house/testing ground. So all objects are essentially trump representations in one way or another. Let the player's imaginations be the guide as to where this can lead them. Except to leave the Village by Trump, or enter the City Hall (unless one of Rover's detainees is rescued, as they briefly stop off in the City Hall to be interrogated by the Mayor before ending up in the Library).


-All of the inhabitants are pre-programmed Trump Automatons.

But very lifelike.


-Once identifed as Trump, existing images/items can be manipulated, but new items can only be created by an artist "drawing" from their own blood.


-PCs are Trump copies of Brand's impressions of the Elders, prepared to replace them if he needed during Patternfall. He was to trap them with a special Trump, which would cause the elder to appear here, disoriented, and the Trump copy to come out of the card to do Brand's bidding. These awakening now have been prematurely triggered (Brand's fall into the Abyss). They don't know how they got here, only that they weren't here before. They think they are the elders.


-The place is dying without Brand to support it. The "Elders" awakening is the first sign.


--An hour (roughly) into the game the whole structure of the place starts to collapes. Travel times shrink, and the horizon takes on a reddish tinge, as if sunset was all around.


--Two hours into the game the whole place takes on a Castrovalva quality -- connections between some rooms become randomized. It's possible to almost see yourself leaving one room when entering the same one through another door. Going towards the horizon will cause you to end up travelling to the same spot from the opposite horizon, etc.


-If the players aren't finding enough to do, the Mayor will call for a town election, the winner to be allowed into City Hall to take control. But they must campaign, as others (certain townsfolk) will be opposing them. The Mayor hopes this will turn the players against one another and weaken them in time for him to finish them off.


--Three hours into the game, we get a full disconnect with rational directions, but if one wills their way around, they can reach where they wish to after one or two wrong turns. By this method they could reach the interior of City Hall, if they weren't already.


--They can't physically enter City Hall until late in the game, but they can talk to it via the convenient phones in their room as and around the Village. They can even reach Information on these lines, though it will be of limited help.


--Information on the phone will relate, if asked directly, the purpose of this place, which may lead some players to think they are the real Elders, kidnapped. Information can also relate that as a safety precaution the Trump Space will vanish if it is discovered, if Brand is killed, or if commanded to self-destruct. When it vanishes, it takes all those within it as well. Unless -- there is only one True Amberite left, in which case that one is released back into the real world. Brand's final game with his siblings.


-The Mayor is #2, a Trump clone of Brand who never leaves City Hall. He acts like the Mayor from Buffy. He knows the truth of the situation, and will try to get the players to turn on each other, figuring he should be the last one standing, and make it out.


-Rebma appears to be there, but the stairs down are not life-supporting. They will have to skin dive. Persistent divers will discover the entrance to a deserted Rebma (there is breathable air inside) much like the Village, with mirrors set up as in the real place to observe what happens in the Village. They can get glimpses of inside City Hall, or come across a "Hall of Trumps" like the Hall of Mirrors in Amber. In it they will find their own portaits, and can attempt to trump outsiders for information. Possible way out.


Rebma will disappear shortly before hour 4 as space contracts.


-At hour 4 the universe collapses - if there is only one player left, he gets ejected into the real world. Any players trapped in Rover Trumps also survive, but in the Amber Family deck, as images. The one player who made it through could pull the others out, if he so chooses.


-If they combine forces, and use trump abilities, they can stabilize the pocket at the singularity level. At that point, they will have nearly unlimited power, within that singularity. They could create their own universe, but they will be stuck there.


-Individuals could make it out via the Hall of Trumps, or by defeating the Mayor and taking control of the monkeys and Trump machines before hour 4. If they can get the monkeys to agree on this script for Shakespeare they've worked out...

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