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This is a place to organize my thoughts regarding games past and future. Current games will be linked through the League websites in the sidebar. In general, these will be games I've written, run, or participated in running. I may add a link to material in games I've played in.


If anyone reading this participated in any of these games, be warned! There may be spoilers about, and bolded entries are ones I am hoping to revive at somepoint.


You can reach me at brainiacfive at gmail dot com (parse for your favorite e-mail program).


Games Past


    • Alien Worlds - MegaTraveller variation that took ideas from Babylon 5 - lasted 2 sessions
    • And the Children Shall Lead - Completed Ambercon US Campaign
    • By Any Other Name - Aborted Amber PBEM restarted as an Ambercon US game, though in Limbo after missing 3 years
    • How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth - Delta Green Ops out of Columbus, OH. Lasted 3 sessions
    • Let the End Times Roll! - Buffy RPG in New Orleans. Finished after two seasons (coinciding with Buffy S7). The S1 Series Bible can be found here.



    • As Above, So London Below! - Homebrew Based on simplified Amber/Neverwhere crossover.
    • Crisis on Caladan - Dune Throne War set during the first book. Sets the stage for local power for second game.
    • Descent of Ishtar - A Stargate Adventure set on an artificial rosette of asteroids named the 'Tears of Ishtar'
    • The Incorrect Florimel - An Amber-like game set in the worlds of Amber, Xena, and the Enchanter stories of Harold Shea
    • I of the Beholder - Buffy demo game, hosted on the BBC Cult TV website.
    • One Toe in the Water - Stargate Demo Adventure, hosted in pdf format on Alderac's Stargate RPG site.
    • Sandbagged - Serenity demo for Origins 2005.
    • Spare the Rod - Angel demo game.
    • Which Number Are You, Then? - Amber LARP run at a past Ambercon US. Amber/The Prisoner crossover.

Games Future?


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