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A recent request made me realize I should collect the list of my published works, and create a set of (hopefully growing) links to where you can find/download/buy them on the web.


First, the Free Stuff!


    • I of the Beholder - The Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG demo game, hosted along with Quick Start Rules (which I originally condensed from the manuscript to run the game pre-release at Origins 2002) on the BBC Cult TV website. I've been told the rules are one of the most complete Quick Starts out there, with essentially all the basic rules minus character creation. That could be because I didn't realize it was going to be used beyond the Origins demo, and so I just kept including more and more material to make sure GMs seeing the system for the first time could handle whatever the players came up with. So that worked out well, in hindsight. At the time, this was to be the first in a series of adventures used to advertise the release of the game, which is why I wrote the examples in the rules to reflect characters and situations from the campaign to follow. The campaign was never published, but I was allowed to self-publish the series bible I created as an introduction to the campaign series, which is how I can prove I wrote it, since my name doesn't appear anywhere connected to the demo itself.
    • Let the End Times Roll! - The Season 1 Bible (PDF) for a Buffy RPG Series set in New Orleans, originally intended to be expanded into a twelve episode Series of adventures to publicize the release of the game. Featuring graphic design done by my wife and I, since I wasn't allowed to release the version I had originally created using the official BtVSRPG trade dress. Based on my playtest series (and the wonderfully rich character creations of my players) which ran for two seasons (with a series finale coinciding with that of Buffy S7).
    • One Toe in the Water - Stargate Demo Adventure, hosted in pdf format on Alderac's Stargate RPG site.



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